Explore our wide variety of plants for your garden

Our Greenhouse

Our philosophy: If we wouldn’t LOVE to have it in our garden, it’s not ready for yours.

New Beginnings Greenhouse staff lovingly tend to every single plant until it is thriving and ready for you, our customers. 

We work hard to give our plants all the TLC they need before we make them available to you – whether it’s more time to root or a little more heat from our heating table – we go the extra mile.

It’s a labour of love and it shows.

Succulents, perennials, annuals, herbs, veggies, hanging baskets and so much more!

It is always a delight to explore and see what’s growing. Maybe a fig tree, China dolls, heirloom tomatoes or a pop of colour with our latest geraniums or a stunning floral basket. You never know what you’ll find.

We welcome you and the family to come and see for yourselves what’s in stock. Open annually from late April through June.