About New Beginnings Greenhouse

Where beautiful home gardens begin.

New Beginnings is a family-owned greenhouse nestled on 75 acres of luscious land located at 50371 Range Road 244, Beaumont, AB, Canada, Alberta. Just a hop, skip, and a jump – south of Edmonton!

Open annually from late April through June!


A Plant Paradise

Truly a plant-lover’s mecca – we carry everything a gardener could want, no matter how experienced you are, from greenhouse annuals, to perennials, veggies, herbs, hanging baskets, succulents, house plants, tree’s, gorgeous plant arrangements and more… the variety is vast! 

Conscious Gardening

Take peace in knowing that we use absolutely NO toxic chemicals or pesticides on any of our plants. We nurture and baby our plants like they are members of the family (because they are, of course) and we know you’ll feel the love as soon as you step onto our lush property. 

A Family Affair 

Bring the whole family and really feel into the experience as all five of your senses are awakened through the exploration of all three of our flower-filled greenhouses. Connect with your inner gardener and feel the warming of your beating heart as you watch your loved one’s light up in their reconnection with nature.

Shopper’s Unite! 

Our gift shop is brimming with gardening decor and local artisanal products from delectable chocolates to tressels to our very popular, get-em-while-they-last, buddhas. 

Giving Back

It is in our nature to share whatever resources we can with the community. There is substantial growth in giving back, for everyone involved, and we are deeply rooted in our farm-to-table belief that a healthy individual begins with the embrace of a healthy community.


years in business

of plants

meet the owners

Hello, fellow plant-lovers! We are Kathy and Richard Hagan.

We are firmly planted in our belief that a love for growing plants is not simply a hobby, but a way of life. A way of reconnecting with the natural world and the surrounding communities which keep us grounded.

We have come to deeply understand that seeds of joy are planted in the soul when time is spent outside, when hands are blissfully digging through dirt, and when watchful eyes wait in loving anticipation as buds of new growth burst forth into the world. 

The gardener grows along with their garden

Gardening is a joyous experience. It has the power to bring families together and the natural capacity to build blossoming communities. New Beginnings is a labor of love, and we are deeply rooted in our dedication to sharing our vision with our valued customers.

We offer not only high-quality and well-loved plants, but also an abundance of knowledge and expertise from some of the most energetically enthusiastic plant lovers on Mother Earth. We are so excited to share our plant passion with you!

We are honoured to be part of our community. So come on by and say hi or simply wander through the aisles taking it all in. Fair warning – our love of gardening is contagious in all the best ways.